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Hiring Fundamentals (for start-ups)

Roland Grootenboer
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Hiring great people is one of the most important things you'll do as a founder, CEO or Head of People Ops. When done right, it will 10x your company. Bad hiring will cost you, as you are missing out on the best talent it burning money on mediocre talent.

Wether you are already working with hiring committees and scorecards or you are just figuring out how to make a personnel planning: this guide is for you.

It contains over 10+ years of People Ops experience in start-ups and big tech. The fundamentals are anchored in some of the best research out there when it comes to hiring practices. Every section gives you crucial context and concrete tips and examples.

Here's an overview of what you'll get, cut up in 5 sections, covering the most important topics from A-Z 👇🏼

  1. Build your hiring strategy in 4 steps
    • Your company profile 🤳🏻
    • What and who do you need 🦋
    • What can you offer 🎁
    • Make a personnel planning 🧩
    • Bonus: template personnel planning in Google Sheets
  2. Write the perfect job description
    • Why this is important 🧐
    • Step 1: intake form and job description ✔️
    • Bonus: control questions and pro tips
    • Step 2: write the job ad ✍🏼
    • Step 3: start the recruitment engine 💨
  3. Design a robust hiring process
    • Step 1: Design the blueprint 👩🏻‍🍳
    • Step 2: Install hiring committees and scorecards 🎯
    • Bonus: template scorecards in Google Sheets
    • Step 3: Create structural interviews & take home assignments ✅
    • Step 4: Level up 💯
      • Bust bias during the hiring process
      • Train the hiring team
      • Focus on candidate experience
  4. Level up your employer branding
    • 1st section: crucial context
      • Core principles of employer branding 💅🏽
      • The 3 focus groups 👌🏻
    • 2nd section: let’s get started
      • Gather input and pin down your story ✍🏼
      • Know and pick your target audience 🎯
      • Know and pick your channels 🛰
      • Build a branding calendar 🤹‍♂️
  5. Start sourcing, here's how
    • What is sourcing and why it is key 🍭
    • How to start with sourcing
      • Know what you're looking for 🎯
      • Find the right people 🔦
      • Make meaningful connections 🔌
      • Connect ☕️

The Hiring Fundamentals is build in Notion, which allows you to duplicate it and make it your own.

I want you to love it, let me if you don't within 30 days after buying. Full refund, no questions asked.

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Full access to the Notion template, which allows you to duplicate it and make it your own. Divided in 5 sections, allowing you to go at your own pace or jump towards a topic that's top of mind.

Build your hiring strategy in 4 steps
2800 words, bonus template and resources.
Write the perfect job description
1650 words, with examples, templates and resources.
Design a robust hiring process
5000 words, blueprint, template in Google Sheets, pro tips.
Level up your employer branding
2500 words, target audience circles explained, template survey and inspiration.
Start sourcing, here's how
2000 words, concrete guidance and tips, step by step process and resources.

Hiring Fundamentals (for start-ups)

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